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I had been a disc jockey working in a radio station at Atlantic City. I had been offered the program directorship of the Camden channel of the network as it was time to go to school. But I wished to eliminate. So I left home to travel to find my fortune. I won a fortune. . .my loved wife of more than half years Olivia, that bore me kids. I have another kid in my marital mistake. Following law school on the GI Bill, I joined the NM State Police and afterwards prosecuted one hundred felony jury trials over. Saw a lot while on the street and around the street. Saw a great deal whilst. . .the insane asylum. . .the military. But I believe my years on the road: 1969-1970 the two most important in my life. . .and they're the focus of the bulk of my writings.

I'm retired now, on disability. When a person has written his or her past one never knows. I believed I had been on two distinct occasions now at the juncture. . .only to discover a shorter, easier, but enjoyable book waiting for put on paper. I got all my books of epic proportions and necessitating research done before disability set in so today if I compose its easy and short, but plenty of fun.

Frankly. . .here of my life in the end. . .writing is what I am around as a human being... it ignites me when somebody will get pleasure from it. Plenty of fun and soul, the specifics of several years of my entire life, and my heart have been in these publications. A lot of enjoy honor, cowardice, starvation, determination, courage and deceit have been in them. I don't have any agenda other than to leave my kids the real narrative of how I shifted from boy to man all alone at a North African garrison city [CROSSROADS: 1969], my own life on the street [ODYSSEY: 1970 along with AN AQUARIAN TRAGEDY] and the somewhat novelesque, largely true account of this year I transitioned out of a stonehead enthusiast into a "normal person". [HELL'S QUEST: 1971].

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