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I am the writer of a variety of books, memoirs and non-fiction novels but most people will understand me as the author of this Cancer Survivor's Bible and other cancer related books: Cancer? Don't Panic! And The Cancer.

As for its only volume entitled Cancer: Your Total Recovery Guide - that is from date and was replaced by The Cancer Survivor's Bible - I have chosen the name and given it into the 8 volume collection of novels printed since Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guides (Books 1-8) which include exactly the exact same data as The Cancer Survivor's Bible but divided into Kindle size books. I've a site supporting the cancer publications in

The incredible Cancer Kid is the true story of Connah Broom (should you need expect, this book gives it - delivered home to die seven years ago using 11 tumours, he's alive and kicking today with only one. How did he get it done? Read the publication) and Cancer? Don't Panic! (a short but important book that offers key insights that can allow you to think about cancer in a very helpful way - the subtitle is Take good care of YOUR cancer journey.

I also lived for eight years along with my profoundly disabled daughter, Stevie. She taught me what valuable that I understand - I've written a memoir of those years called Wordjazz to get Stevie (the reason 'wordjazz'? Because there is an interplay of several topics within this short but not, I expect, slight book).

That I have also written a memoir of a Chinese kung-fu fighting playboy, war-time collaborator, CIA agent, political prisoner and much more (King Hui: the guy who owned all the opium in Hong Kong). This will improve your understanding of how Hong Kong also is a significant work of history.

My additional Hong Kong book is Chinese Gods, an introduction to Chinese folk religion.

Eventually I've composed a couple of books - The Annals of Vietnam (an expression of violence and war and what occurs when soldie

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