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The question I get asked so frequently is, "How can you begin with everything you do and with all the regulation of attraction?"

For a kid, I recall hearing people whine about their tasks. This never made any sense to me. I recall thinking, "If you do not enjoy what you are doing then go do something else. Life is too short to waste"

So then, I had fascination about quality of life and how one goes about living a wonderful life.

In school I was a biology major and my strategy was to go into medical school. I took the MCAT (medical school admissions test) and it was time to begin applying to medical schools.

Then three things happened that caused me to wait.

A retired doctor friend urged me to go to medical school. He felt that the area of medicine had become too restrictive and there was no freedom to really practice medicine the way it should be practiced. His guidance shocked me.

My mom had a heart to heart conversation with me personally. She advised me that she did not think that I would be glad being a physician. She didn't believe that it was the ideal fit for me. Her advice made me wonder.

Afterward I had a heart to heart. I realized I was incongruent. I did not enjoy going to the doctor and could go if I was gravely hurt. I had some questions regarding medicine's advantages. My father's life has been extended by ten and years but the quality of the time was another issue entirely. I was considering becoming a doctor. That didn't make much sense.

I chose to have an altruistic experience and join the Peace Corps while I figured this out. This sounded like a Much Better option than going through the hassle of employing, spending $50,000 (or whatever per year of med school prices) and putting myself through the brutal first year of postsecondary school wh

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