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Hi, I’m Jordan Miller, writer, and publisher of Fitness for Women.

This’s a bit about me: I’m an internet entrepreneur, natural bodybuilder, online physical fitness coach, and author.

It’s O you you, if you’re here you probably know that already, you’re not going to settle for anything less than magnificent.

I have been coaching for approximately nine decades and enjoy every second of it.

In 13 years old in middle school I was jumped by two bigger kids without any other reason, simply to humiliate me. My right leg twisted awkwardly, and I had been told I would require a knee replacement from 25 when I could walk on that leg in any way.

I had been out of school for approximately 3 weeks bed ridden, no one liked me, I didn’t have lots of friends, and girls hadn't any interest in me since I had been labeled as “Faggot” which is the term children my age used to alienate other children which were distinct.

I had no intention, and I couldn’t find any reason to be living apart from to play video games. There were two very clear options- kill myself or create a life with meaning. I opted to live!

The moment my leg treated I had been on a mission to confirm who I wished to become, so I turned to the gym a loser and came out a fighter. As I got more into fitness and health, I started to get a few followers, made friends with people I wanted to be friends together, and got a girlfriend.

A few years after I chose to compete in an OCB Natural Bodybuilding contest at 15 years of age, I got into the best form of my entire life and became hungry for victory. I competed twice more before age 17 and placed nicely. After I had discovered how to manipulate my body for nearly five decades, I wanted to help other people, for about a year and did it for free, then decided to create a little cash on the highway while I was helping people.

When it all come

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