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I have attracted (and happen to be drawn to) small designs and details ever since I was a child. Once I was 8 years old, I immediately fell in love with collecting stamps because it entailed:
• Little and Intricate Details
• Visual Themes and Stories
• Insight and Link to both Nations and Cultures from around the World
• Beautiful and Varied use of Color

These exact components are key areas of my career as a product designer. The creation of the Windows of Heaven - Coloring Book series, nevertheless, has become the closest orientation I've experienced to those same characteristics than any project I have ever worked.
I trust you will delight in the detail, themes, insight and link; not just to the countries and cultures associated with temples around the world; but also to the soul of what the temples signify. And also the most fun feature? The stunning and varied use of colour is currently your choice!

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