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Joseph Nowinski is a Clinical Psychologist Who's currently Supervising Psychologist at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He has held positions as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco and Associate Adjunct Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Nowinski is globally known for his work from substance abuse treatment. He has a private practice in Tolland, Connecticut. Dr. Nowinski is the author of many books such as Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Coping with a Loved One’s Root Illness and Nearly Alcoholic: Is My ( My Loved One’s) Drinking a Problem?

Dr. Nowinski was interviewed hundreds of times during his career and his books have been featured in The New York Times, Psychotherapy Networker, NPR, and many other media outlets. He websites often for and

Dr.Nowinski's latest books include:

The Divorced Child: Strenghtening Your Family through the First Three Years of Separation.

Cease Dating Jerks! The Smart Woman's Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life and Breaking the Style.

Dr. Nowinski's other publications include:
The Identity Trap: Economy Our Teens in Themselves. This publication won a Silver Book Award in 2008.

Six Questions that Can Change Your Life: Dramatically, Totally, Forever.
The Tender Heart: Conquering Your Insecurity.

Dr. Nowinski lives in Tolland Connecticut with his Loved Ones. His favorite place in the world, though, is Mt. Desert Island, Maine, in which his family enjoys vacationing in Acadia National Park.

Dr. welcomes comments and queries about his books. For further information see or email Dr. Nowinski in

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