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Josh Levs was known to millions for his reporting on CNN and NPR, as a leading fact merger of pundits and politicians, when he started covering modern parenthood too. He became CNN's "dad columnist" and "resident daddy" on air. Levs stepped into a spotlight that was distinct. He took on Time Warner. His legal struggle to look after sick wife, his daughter, along with two sons led to companies all and ripple effects throughout corporate America around the world.
Currently the top global pro shattering myths dads in the workplace, Levs explains why enabling dads as caregivers is critical for women's rights and gender equality. He is a speaker, business advisor and author of the Gold award winning publication All Inside: Our Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses--And How We Can Fix It Together.
The Financial Times called Levs one of the best 10 male feminists. U.N. Women named him a Global Champion of Gender Equality. Even a New York Times front-page narrative known him as “a leader. ” A Forbes headline stated Levs may be the man to acquire #x 201c businesses &;to rethink an Culture. ”
He won a debate on feminism in the historic Oxford Union. The International Women’s Leadership Summit declared him “a idea leader on sex equality, using a unique focus. ” In 2016, Levs appeared on the covers of Boss and Stand magazines. See more at
Levs' lots of appearances have included the United Nations, Google, Twitter, General Electric, both the Massachusetts and Texas Conferences for Women, the Bay Area Women’s Summit, the Financial Times Women At The summit summit, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and also the Electricity Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy.
A father of three, Levs resides in Atlanta with his wife and their three children.

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