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Josh grew up in the East Coast, Boston, MA. Growing up, his mom Nancy, was that the head honcho of a daily diet program eating. But what healthful eating looked like afterward what we know today are rather contrasting, but nevertheless, his vulnerability to healthy eating assisted in creating a basis for health within his entire life.

Josh is a pure athlete having participated in swimming pool and ice hockey during his life. His nickname on the ice was "brakes", if this gives you some thought as to why his legs are the size of tree trunks!

Josh wed his wife Jeanne, who had been born and raised on the West Coast at San Diego, California. They might not have come from 2 backgrounds, but they'd unite as EastWest Healing and Performance at 2007, as fate would have it.

Josh and Jeanne have invested over 20 years establishing themselves from the fitness and nutrition industry. They share a deep respect for the body and guide others' health back into their own wellbeing and off from the disease focus and therapy mindset. They have worked with people throughout the world, teaching them on how best to use food as medicine, and also more importantly, to providing a foundation for the body to 38, the level of individualization required.

As writers, mentors, consultants, speakers and educators to individuals around the Earth, Josh and Jeanne Rubin pride themselves in their own method of working together with the wholeness of every individual and also have dedicated their practice to helping individuals help themselves.

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