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Jonuel Negron grew up using a gift two abilities that gave him an edge and took him into the edge and also a sensible cracking mouth to deliver them. He wrote a number of stories from grade school all the way through college but never printed them.

In 24 he place his writing fantasies on pause to connect with the US Army as an IT Engineer. From the twelve years that he served he traveled the globe visiting numerous civilizations. Where his cracking mouth helped him through the difficult 17, he served in the Afghanistan war.

After being honorably discharged from the US Army he became a government contractor in the Iraq war and went back to the Afghanistan war.

At 41 he began his writing career up again from the heart of the Afghanistan war. He composed the Paranormal Horror ‘Mid Harvest Road’ Short Story along with also the followup ‘I Understand’ Novella.

If asked why will he write terror?
His answer was, '' “I lived a horror story, therefore it makes it effortless to write a single. ”





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