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Josie was born in a small town in Massachusetts. If she tells what character them #x2018 & #x2019 and meets people; she hails from, she gets one of two replies. The first is: “Isn’t at Oregon? ” And the next is: “I drove by it on Rt. 9 I think. ”

Her second stop was different from Ashland as it gets without departing the country. She stuffed a bag and proceeded to attend NYU. She managed to squeeze in a learning between shifts and graduated with a BFA.

Massively in debt with college loans, she subsequently moved to Los Angeles for reasons that are still a little blurry. What about the weather was mentioned, along with poetry to be written by a concept and locate herself. She never gave up on the writing piece, although she found that she is a poet.

Josie still lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, and now writes YA fiction.

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