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Hello, my name is Joseph Varthas.

I wanted to present myself because you're most likely wondering: Who's Joseph Varthas? .

Really I am quite a very simple guy, pretty much just like you, that went through several struggles in my life about my health and body and at some point decided it was time to flip things around.

I switched my focus on the fitness industry and well being, have spend hundreds of hours teaching myself and in the process transformed my body and my entire life for the greater.

As I mentioned earlier I have spend countless hours teaching myself and let me tell you, approximately 90% of the information already out there is quite honestly junk.

I know that is a bold claim but once you dip into the rabbit hole of fitness and keep going eventually the solid truth reveals itself and I got to say it is pretty easy too.

That is the reason why I made the decision to go on with publishing what I believe is precious content and set it out there so that others can gain from it.

Obviously I do not expect or suggest that you trust me from the blue. Actually I recommend that you approach any of my stuff with a scientific perspective and a healthy skepticism.

But I invite you to give it a try and apply the information within my novels for you to reap the advantages of a wholesome way of life and give yourself the opportunity to gratify you.

Either way Amazon offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for kindle novels therefore it makes the entire procedure Risk-Free!

My eyesight and my objective is to discuss the knowledge that I acquired in the procedure and help as many people as possible to overcome their own barriers and breakthrough thus transforming their health and body and by extension their life.

I'm certainly not perfect but I have embraced the Kaizen principle in every area of my own life, that's why I stand behind my novels and expect you get Enormous value from

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