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Joyce Fields was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She now resides in Arcadia, California.

She has already been in love with writing and reading virtually all of her life. She combined her passion for writing with her assignment to inspire individuals to create the world a much better position, leading to her authoring eight novels and sharing motivational messages with numerous audiences.

Joyce began her career as a stenographer at a significant utility company, working her way up through supervisor of term processing, and the office manager for an automotive marketing agency, and, finally, as an executive assistant at a large non-profit health maintenance organization. She is also a professional proofreader. Every one these places were leading her to writing and become a writer.

She wrote her first book, "lineup of Serenity" (a memoir), in 1997. Being the oldest of seven, even in a very joyful household, she wanted to catch the way that their parents raised them so how they did it wouldn't be lost once they passed. Many individuals browse the manuscript and advised me that she ought to publish it. The book goes in 1944 through 1977 and includes family recipes and photos. Recipes, because food has been--and still is --an important part of her family's cloth; photos, so that people can view what their ancestors looked like and be astonished to find a resemblance to an ancestor. You don't have to become a household member to enjoy this novel! For older readers, it's a stroll down memory lane; for younger readers, it provides a peek into the past.

Joyce gets her inspiration from dwelling and celebrating life. Along with "Line of Serenity," she has written books about parenting ("Mother's Dozen: An Easy Recipe for Raising GREAT Kids!") Which is also available in Spanish; connections ("The Best Way to Keep a Man would be really to Let Him Go [one of othe

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