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JROC comes from Tuscaloosa, AL bearing a passion for theology, poetry, and genres. He writes at a different genres specializes in dread, biographies, along with fiction. While dating the captain of their color-guard, everything began at age sixteen. She was the fave and Jroc wished to impress her. "When I met with her, she was still sitting in class crying. Her dude had cheated on her. I set the mack on her and then we became very close and intimate lovers. For a long time, we were fans, but I'd appear to college having a poem and a love letter weekly,”. His girlfriend told him that she would not throw them off and also kept a scrapbook of his writings. Her holding onto his notes made him go hard with the pen every day, and that he wrote, although he never thought he'd wind up writing a book.
Years later at age twenty one, Jroc started writing songs for a local group J-ru from Alabama. In 2009 he wrote the single "Hoodlum" which Featured Bun B of UGK. For the next five decades, he would collaborate with producers such as others and M16 tha beat king and submit many tunes but they didn't get picked. In 2011 he realized that it wrote that he published his very first self-published book and adored. For its series of Roses and Thugs: A Brick City Love Story, Jroc signed a three book deal with Shani Greene-Dowdell of all Nayberry Publications in August of 2015.

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