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Julia Barrett was born in 1689 in an family in Northumbria. She had been raised by a governess at the normal manner of the time before, when Miss Barrett was obsolete 13, her mom died in a unfortunate sausage-cart accident, after which her father, driven mad by grief, started to increase her as a kid, cutting her long tresses, dressing her into pants, and enrolling her in college.

She quickly revealed an affinity for writing that was encouraged by the headmaster who found her return to the classical English design which was, at the moment, being overwhelmed by the popular realism style growing at the Continent. Together with the headmaster's aid, Barrett was able to print some brief essays and dramas, but to little acclaim.

It was while attending college who Barrett, bound for a career as a male English instructor, discovered a new pride in womanhood brought about by a chance meeting with Henry Carey, a talented satirist five years her junior.

Though their relationship was brief, it provided Barrett with a terrific sense of assurance, both within her sex and her ability. She returned to her sooner masquerade of masculinity.

Barrett's writing took about a new attention, writing romance in the point-of-view of her heroines. This new design was both highly controversial and extremely popular, and would go to make her a household name to this day.

Julia Barrett died in 1766. This concept has been debunked by investigation, although initially it was believed she died of syphilis. Her detractors likely a rumor spread this. Recent studies point to a congenital cardiovascular defect.

She was survived by fourteen children, all adopted by Africa.

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