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Julian Agyeman climbed up in East Yorkshire in the UK. He's a Professor at the Department of Urban + Environmental Policy + Planning (UEP) in Tufts University, Medford-Boston, MA, USA. His present research interests are in five broad areas, each of that seriously investigates some aspect(s) of their complex and embedded relations between individuals and the environment, whether mediated by institutions or social movement organizations, along with the ramifications of the on public policy and planning procedures and impacts, especially in relation to theories of equity and justice.

The areas include:

the nexus between the concepts of environmental justice and sustainability and, particularly, the possibility of a ‘only sustainability’;

the possibility of the idea of ‘spatial oversight’ to contribute into ‘simply sustainability’;

the potential for emerging discourses about ‘meals justice/sovereignty’ to contribute to discourses around ‘simply sustainability’;

the theories of interculturalism, cultural competency, culturally inclusive training and culturally inclusive spaces in urban planning;

the potential of sharing in cities to reduce inequality, raise social funds and to cut resource usage.

He is co-originator of the idea of 'just sustainabilities, ''' the integration of social/spatial justice and ecological sustainability, described as "the necessity to guarantee a better quality of life for many, now and to the future, at a just and honorable manner, whilst residing within the limits of supporting ecosystems".

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