Julian Stockwin

I wanted to visit sea ever since I could recall. My mom claims that as a toddler I moved up to sailors around the street, and on one event dragged home since it smelled of the ocean, a dead seabird! I was entranced if my great uncle Tom Clay, a seaman in square-rigged ships who had sailed around the Horn in the "Cutty Sark", took me within this ship. I read all and I was terrified by a description of a storm that is fantastic, but longed to visit sea to experience one.
I won a scholarship to a grammar school, however, my mind was captivated by seeing low gray shapes far out to sea, outward bound to that knew where. This sight and I passed every day on my way to school; my operation suffered!
From the expectation of getting the crap knocked out of me, my dad sent me to a difficult sea-training faculty. This strengthened my resolve at sea and also fifteen I joined the Royal Navy.
Once leaving the Navy (rated Petty Officer) I practised as an educational psychologist. I worked at Hong Kong, where I had been commissioned into the Royal Naval Reserve.
I reside in Devon with my wife and literary associate, Kathy - along with two Siamese cats.

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