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My co-author, Ellen Frankel, can also be my sister! Both of us struggled with weight and eating issues when we were younger, and we both became . We each reached the judgment that not only do diets not only work, although our paths were really different, but they also trigger overeating.

I chose to myself to stop dieting after spending a summer in Boston where I had no scale or mirror. I'd made a decision to have a break - I had found Steve's Oreo cookie ice cream - and in the summer's conclusion I'd returned to that which was a weight for me. That has been my "aha" moment : I realized the syndrome of dieting'd really induced my overeating.

I have seen a lot of people lose a whole lot of weight - and gain it back, frequently end up heavier compared to where they began. Ellen and I'm enthusiastic about making peace with themselves, their bodies and food and helping people get off the diet/binge rollers coaster. We wrote our first book, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Therapists Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating, to help professionals explore their attitudes toward eating, weight and dieting, and learn a strategy that encourages their customers in finish compulsive/binge ingestion and understanding that health is much broader than a number on the scale.

We had a wonderful time writing The Diet Survivor's Handbook together. I loved carrying our shared experience and wisdom and turning it into a publication that teaches a step-by-step approach, and when you will need some assistance you may just throw on your purse and keep for all those moments with you. Ellen's favorite part was looking for the quotes that come in the end of each lesson - they are fantastic to read, and inspirational or humorous!

I will continue to work as a therapist, offering group and individual counselling through to individuals who are on this journey via The Chi

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