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"Not all who wander are lost." Juliet Waldron made a B. A. in English, but also has worked at jobs ranging from artist's model to brokerage. After the kids left home, she dropped out of 9-5 and started to write, expecting to create a time travel experience for her viewers. "Mozart's Wife" won the 1st Independent e-Book celebrity and still, many years after, garners praise. She has recently published "My Mozart" which is a companion novel, a passionate story of love and madness informed by a vulnerable teen fan. "Nightingale" is the romantic narrative of a prima donna--a bird in a golden cage--in 18th Century Vienna.

"Genesee", an interracial love story set during the American Revolution, also obtained an Epic Award for the Best Historical. In "Angel's Flight," a wealthy Dutch heiress is pursued up the Hudson by a fortune-hunting British important, who is determined to get herby force if needed. In the height of this Revolutionary War in New York, her real way home is through warring armies, brigands and Indians.

A historical romance set in Western nation, PA, "Hand-me-Down Bride," is based on the immigration narrative of her great-great grandmother. "Red Magic," a romantic adventure set in 18th Century Austria, tells the story of a spoiled, proud young woman who has to grow up fast when she is forced into a union with a man she despises. "Red Magic" includes sequels--"Black Magic," previously released, and, "White Magic," which will adhere to the supernatural adventures of this von Hagen twins, Goran and Mina, in the Regency period.

"Roan Rose" is a medieval novel "owed" to the last Plantagenent King, Richard III, since the day she was introduced to him by studying "The Daughter of Time," over fifty years ago. Here, the famous antagonists of York and Lancaster ar

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