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Jun has had the unique chance to groom dogs in all sorts of settings, which provides him a wide image of the grooming business. He has worked in lotions, veterinarian practices, house calls, and even had the chance to get his very own salon called The Furrific Spaw at the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA.. In Atlanta, he also developed an 4 Step Process called the Furrific Way so as to insure quality results with every dog dressed. This would later come to be the cornerstone for his second book, 4 Steps to a Beautiful Groom.

After going to Phoenix, Jun began writing blog posts using the old website from the business in Atlanta, That's now evolved to, and it is a blog devoted to educating the public on the significance of proper grooming. After moving to Arizona, he had the opportunity to learn from Michelle Knowles, CMG and Certified Skin Care Aesthetician at Animal Health Services in Cave Creek, AZ..

Jun has quite a popular YouTube station that is devoted to helping owners who want to groom their dogs at home, or new groomers looking for tips and advice:

Jun is the author of 2 books. The Art of Grooming: A Philosophical Approach to Dog Grooming, that explains his philosophy. He also composed 4 Steps to a Beautiful Groom in order to explain the practical use of his philosophy, and the way to attain amazing results!

"Grooming is my fire! I am so grateful to be in a position to do everything I really love and share my passion with the world!"

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