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A recovering criminal lawyer, Judy K. Walker has enough spare characters after her name (and student loan debt) to imply that insatiable interest is something fictional Tallahassee PI Sydney Brennan inherited from her creator. Judy’s fascination involves murders.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Judy returns to her roots in her most recent endeavor, the Appalachian thriller Dead Hollow trilogy, starting with the book "Prodigal." She writes from her home in Hawaii, where she's surrounded by dogs, husband, cat, and geckos that are various. If she's not tapping away from her computer, she hopes she is within her fins.

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MY RELATIONSHIP WITH SYDNEY BRENNAN: Many authors say their personalities are their own alter egos, doing what they've always wished to perform at the ways they wish they can do them. At the risk of sounding superficial, my investigator Sydney Brennan--together with her shoulder-length, curly reddish hair --is my Hair Alter Ego. When I was quite young I had ringlets of curls, although it's hard to tell from the faded photograph at the right. (And yes, even shockingly, that's a book in my hands) They never grew back after my haircut, and my mother laments their loss. The reddish colour is long gone and as the curls, the very best I can do is a persistent cowlick along with also the wave that is unruly.

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