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In 1967, Art Williams thankfully lived out his fantasy as a winning high school football trainer. Then a truth was discovered by 1 day Art- life insurance was a “rip-off” and also cheap term insurance was never sold.

Families across America were making the exact awful mistake which had shattered his very own family- seeking to get a commodity that left them inferior from the wallet and urgently underinsured. Art did something no one else before he'd done- he contested a home made insurance industry with a product that is better. . .and a revolutionary means of selling to households who wanted assistance.

Possibly the most successful network marketing company of all time, Primerica was set by Art Williams and in the process lots of part time school teachers, firemen and policemen became multi-millionaires doing a good thing for those families they switched from pricey whole life insurance coverage to the better more effective term life.

Artwork is the man who DID IT! Not just an author, however a company founder along with his advice comes from developing a major business from a "peanut" of 85 people.

The "Coach" teaches and shares the magnificent saga of “average-ordinary” individuals who teamed up to perform the impossible. From the background of American industry, #x 2019 & there;s not been a story quite like it.

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