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Was a trial attorney from Chicago for (a lot) years, in addition to a registered nurse before that for (a few) years, I'm now incorporating both careers in my string of Maggie Flaherty mysteries. She's funny, clever and presently a solo lawyer because she got fired out of her big Chicago law firm by the chauvenistic operating spouse, Douglas Hartmann. As Maggie says,though, she is kind of a solo attorney/murder magnet combo. . .her antics will have you laughing as you wonder just how she will get out of each new issue!

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The first publication, "Where There is a Will", introduces the main characters and finds out Maggie chasing down a lost will - almost to her departure!

The next book, "10cc's Could Be. . .Murder" is about lost individuals, murder and a ring of health care employees who kill for cash - and if Maggie doesn't stop her investigation, she is next!

My third Maggie Flaherty novel, "Framed for....Murder" finds Maggie confronting her toughest case yet - defending her friend Samantha Napeilli on two charges of murder. Two new men additionally enter Maggie's life needing to help Sam - and both simply trying Maggie... Then Maggie gets assaulted and threatened and when she does not figure out that the real killer is and fast - Sam will go to prison - or die. And Maggie with her.

The fourth Maggie mystery, "Hell Hath No Fury Like....Murder" sees Maggie go toe to toe with Douglas Hartmann, the temptations of a partner who fired her year before. He's retained to shield Windrunner Casino - the casino that refused Maggie's client, Leigh Parker, a $1.4 million jackpot which she knows she won. If Maggie overhears Hartman tell the owner, Max Carter, he dose not need to worry about her she's just a "third rate attorney" he

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