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My name is Justin Mermelstein. It is a long and odd name. It is hard to spell till you remember the pattern (M-e-r ... m-e-l ... s-t-e-i-n). When it's in the noggin, it's hard to overlook it. Ask my kids. I write stories. Lots of these. And that I have for as long as I can recall. I write in a whole lot of different tastes but have a tendency to hover around supernatural (Lucid and Awake collection), paranormal (The Committed), or even suspense and thriller (Glimpse collection), and almost everything I've ever published is too stubborn to stay in any one genre also will drift in and out of all the above. I love to scare people somewhat, certain, and I surely like messing with my reader's head, but all that comes moment. Adrenaline gets the human emotion flowing, even exposing it at its deepest level, and that I enjoy exploring what a individual might do under dire conditions. It brings out the best and also the worst. I hope you appreciate my job. Thanks for reading.

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