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K T Bowes was created at the Royal Air Force hospital in Ely at England in July 1969. Like other Defence Force children, she spent her early years going around, attending five distinct schools including one in West Germany, before she was twelve. Starting high school was a bit like being thrust into a war zone and she still has no idea how she got out alive, let alone with enough to be accepted into university to read English Literature.

Her most interesting place to live Market Harborough in Leicestershire, in which she found a few things she believed she'd lost and rediscovered a keen interest in the supernatural. However, her favorite place in the world is in the base of the New Zealand paddock, about the river bank listening to the cicadas singing their summertime song in the trees, while the resident horse accidentally-on-purpose blows snot down the back of her shirt. The bravest thing she ever did was jump out of a plane for a static line parachute jump, because a friend asked her to and also the dumbest thing, was putting on a different plane along with her husband and four small children with a 1 way ticket into the other side of the world. The most enjoyable moment of her life has been devoting her husband following known him just 5 weeks and also meeting his family for the first time on her wedding day. Her favorite people are her husband and her four beautiful children, who are now too large for slapped bottoms although perhaps not for kisses.

K T Bowes has 19 novels currently on Amazon, 8 at the Hana Du Rose Mystery Series, 4 Teen novels in the series, Troubled, Artifact, a historical romance and Demons On Her Shoulder, a mental romance. The series, From Russia, With Love currently has 3 books and yet another from the wings. Additionally, There Are two other New Zealand show, one that follows a women's soccer player and also the other based in

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