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Best known for writing young adult fiction, K.L. Hawker is a creativity junkie, always chasing after that upcoming huge dream. Growing up in a small rural town with little to perform, Hawker found himself creating worlds of experience for herself. Years later, after making the choice to pay off law school to chase her dream of raising her own children and becoming a writer, Hawker now homeschools her children while still writing fantasy fiction in the evenings. In her spare time, Hawker can be seen educating and advocating for mental health awareness, travelling with her loved ones, and playing sport ( currently carbonated).

Fun Fact: Hawker's young adult show, '' The Branded Trilogy, has been originally composed for her teenage son who wasn't in any way interested in studying anything but sports scores. Hawker set out to write an easy-to-read, dialogue-filled, action-packed book that will engage him from beginning to finish. The result was a trilogy that he read in only three days--a minute that defined achievement for Hawker. Today K.L. Hawker loves sharing her passion and dreams with readers from around the world, and may often be seen helping young writers discover their own potential.

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