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Who is Kaloo?

A narrative Made from dreams, love and passion, to provide our little ones a soft and enchanting world that will meet with their needs in terms of protection, health and learning.     For more than 16 Decades, the Kaloo manufacturer was focusing in bedding accessories and soft toys.     Kaloo has become present in almost 40 countries.

How it all began

Once upon a time... A father's dream to invent different soft toys to get his little boy.     A psychological symbol for all toddlers, A bear, was then picked as the emblematic animal of the brand. Because fantasies can come true, Kaloo came to life a morning in late 1998.  

Our Added Value

The Kaloo savoir faire

Every Kaloo product is the cooperation of various sections brought to fruition and the culmination of a lengthy history. The idea originates from within the team of our imaginative designer. There is A motif elaborated on along with a narrative characterized. These phrases are interpreted into a drawing; impression transcribed into materials, patterns and shapes. Special attention is paid to the content, ensuring quality of touch and color harmony -- our new signatures. A draft is passed into the workroom. The form is subsequently modified and represented upon before a model is perfected. Once organized in their round gift boxes, then a Kaloo toy just must wait for a infant's arms.     Gift boxes along with tags, all these details would be the sign of the attention that Kaloo brings to his or her creations.

Quality and security   

The superior section of the newest controls every step of the fabrication process ensuring also the security of each item and constant quality.

Kaloo has 13 products available for sale in the category of Toys & Games.

Kaloo is rated 8 out of 10 based on 44 reviews.

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