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Karen. As a child who did not understand her father, an independent woman raised her. Transferring from school to school, Karen was unable to set down roots. As a consequence of this unconventional and nomadic presence, Karen was advised by her peers.

One evening a gang of school kids threw Karen into a building pit. She could not escape and thought she would die there till she heard a voice that said, "Do not cry. You'll see there's a reason for everything that has come down on your lifetime." She was just ten years old at the time, but since that experience, she understood there was a greater energy. This occasion incited Karen to search for greater meaning and link. She started to examine spirituality, reincarnation, healing power, and astrology. By age 18 she had been a moderate.

She married young and had two brothers. But Karen was not born for a conventional way of life and felt that day her true calling could be revealed.

For a time she worked for Rav Berg as a secretary. Nine years passed and life changed for them, but they were reconnected through a business associate. When Karen discovered the Rav was studying Kabbalah, she explained to him "I'll do the job for free if you instruct me." In these days, girls were forbidden to study Kabbalah. But being open-minded, Rav Berg searched advice and requested his teacher to come to him in a fantasy. With no sign of approval, the following day he supposed to inform Karen that he would not be able to instruct her. But rather Karen surprised him by sharing a dream that she had about a holy looking man. With her description of this person's garb and international language, the Rav understood this was his teacher. This is the permission for which he had asked. It was a decisive moment in Kabbalistic history, also in their personal lives.

Karen stirred deep into the study of Kabbalah and years later they wed. I

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