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In her childhood, Kassandra Lamb had to pick between writing her two greatest passions and psychology. Getting partial to meals, electricity and heat, she chose to study psychology. Now that she's retired from her career she can focus on creating another universe where Kate Huntington, her protagonist, is always the person that is insightful, generous and kind that Kassandra wants she was herself.

She's recently launched a brand new string, the Marcia Banks and Buddy comfortable puzzles, where Marcia (conspicuous Mar-see-a, not Marsha) trains service dogs to combat veterans and solves puzzles in her spare time, with the aid of her black Lab sidekick, Buddy.

If Kassandra's not at her computer, transported into mind and spirit into the world of her roles, she physically resides in Florida, along with her husband and her pet.

Kassandra was created in Baltimore and lived in Maryland for the first 50 years of her life. She was a specialist in trauma recovery for 2 decades. She taught psychology.

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