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I am a mature (that means old enough to understand better, but still young enough to get it done anyway!) And voluptuous redhead with submissive tendencies and an extremely sophisticated brain that occasionally still has obsessed trying to recall all the words to the Gilligan's Island theme song.

I'm a really fabulous person. I just can not figure out why I'm not wealthy and famous yet, or why the world refuses to acknowledge that I'm really the center of this. Sigh.

I've been collared into my master/lover/partner at crime/best friend since 2002. He is polyamorous, while I'm merely poly-ish. This usually means that yes, I'm open to having another connection, but honestly, I just don't have the time or power. Now, if the right man comes along, that might change… however, it would take 1 hell of someone!

I live with a tired cat Who's in the Witness Protection Program. He has a fetish for leather shoes and bare legs, along with an obsession with all swimmers.

I'm an artist -- mainly acrylic on canvas, although I experimentation with several other media. I am quite proud that four of my own paintings decorate the walls in our local club.

I'm also a writer of vanilla Egyptian fiction under another title, and kink/erotica-related books. RED, published by Kensington Press, is a thrilling murder mystery set in the BDSM community, and also filled with twists that will keep you turning pages far past your bedtime. Reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads also have called it "awesome," "sexy," and "disturbing." RED is available as an ebook and also in paperback from

I also have a brand new series called The Totally Uncensored Kinky Adventures of Chloe St. Claire, Sex Slave, that's more strictly erotica, without too much plot getting in the way, LOL. Components 2 and 1 are already available on

I have been very involved in my local community because I dove to this lifestyl

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