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On March 22, 1974, Ari Marmell was hatched out of an egg laid by a rooster on the night of the full moon. Due a mix-up, he wound up in the baby ward at a hospital in New York, at which he had been claimed as a (relatively) normal human and shot home. He and his family fled New York just a year after, either because his dad received a job offer in Houston, or since they were chased by angry mobs with pitchforks; reports have been uncertain.

For another 27 Decades, Ari lived in Houston. His dad told him bedtime stories if he was in kindergarten and kindergarten, stories without which he would not become a writer. He received his very first playoff match--the reddish Dungeons & Dragons boxed set--at age 9, and the AD&D Players Handbook followed under a year later. He spent hardly any time on course work or studies for another, oh, 13 decades, rather spending his attempts a lot more important things like fighting orcs, riding dragons, and bolstering extremely beautiful princesses.

Ari went to school at the University of Houston. He started in the Psychology program, but immediately changed his important to Creative Writing. It was in the first week of course he fulfilled his wife-to-be, that goes by the name of George. (No, it's not short for Georgia, Georgette, Georgiana, or whatever else which could make sense.) It was also in college that he composed his very first novel, one that he is now decided will never find the light of day, also charitably calls a "learning experience."

In summary, Ari graduated late '96, wed George at March of 1997, honeymooned in New Orleans, worked several jobs he despised for the upcoming several decades, and stop the last of them in 2000 because of ongoing health issues. In this time period, he composed four novels, two of which are actually pretty decent. It was during that time that he was able to break in the roleplaying industry, having attracted the a

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