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Katerina Sestakova Novotna is mature fiction humour with both satire, and a bestselling writer of thrillers.

Her most book fans say this:- “The writer weaves functions of fiction that are beautiful and terrifying in equal degree. ” She's written four novels of different lengths, also led to two anthologies of writers.

Katerina’s novels have struck Amazon's overall Top 100 bestsellers listing. Countless books are bought or downloaded.

Katerina Sestakova Novotna was first born and raised in the Czech Republic. She lived in New York in which she went to college. She is living in Hawaii. She also holds a Masters in Philosophy; her rituals are both philosophy and integrity. She's written a lot of essays.

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It is an assortment of murder stories which are dark, funny and philosophical at exactly the same moment. They all take place in Hawaii, a location famous for cultural and ethnic diversity, and they present a few diverse perspectives on race, religion and other topics. The writer, a philosopher by training, isn't scared to touch controversial questions which have puzzled the best thinkers in a humorous and nonacademic way. The narrators of her tales aren't scholars. They're characters as varied as an insane Native Hawaiian murderer, a white racist veteran, a Buddhist pupil, also a Russian prostitute, a mutt dog and several more. People are slaughtered as a sacrifice to gods in those tales, so some areas of the publication are gruesome and not appropriate for more sensitive readers. Yet it is not a horror novel in the rigorous sense.


Eric is a greedy man who would like to co

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