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Hi I'm Katherine and I'm NOT a 'author'. But I do like to write about meals. My food on the planet. The food that I discuss with my family and friends on both happy and sad occasions. The meals that I prepare to nourish, to please to lure to celebrate and to love.

When my kids are what they eat, then my children are a mixture of what I cook for them also, what I instruct them to cook for them.

On a voluntary basis, I instruct evening adult 'introduction to cooking' courses. Regardless of how to boil an egg upwards (although not too much up). My target audience primarily consists. The less advantaged in our society.

Through requirement I keep things simple. I will never be allowed within a Cordon Bleu school's walls nor may I be nominated for a Nobel prize in the literature category.

During the years I have written thousands of pages of notes in preparation for the courses. My husband edits my ramblings in finding spelling mistakes, and my kids take a vengeful delight. Spell chequers don't pick up on some of my clangers, so be warned.

My first collection occurs to be Hummus. It is not hard to teach, requires only a few components, and I will introduce it in the basic level as something interesting and different, while being secretly nutritious. Hummus ticks all the boxes.

I did not devise hummus, nor did I invent the recipes. These are recipes that I have tried, tested, tweaked some and changed a few.

But hey, when one of my students tells me that they've set some hummus and bread inside their kid's lunch box rather than Oreos (just as they have run out of the afore mentioned biscuits), I grin.

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