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I believe everybody has the capability to talk about a unique viewpoint through artwork. I write, teach workshops, and also talk about iPhone and other creative aspects of photography with an intent to engage individuals it this excellent art form.

For me, photography is both meditation, saying and revelation. I find photography a means to process what's happening about me and a way to maintain the moment. I pause to observe details in the greater world and picture them, and work to make the same feeling of "pause" in my photography-based art. The kind of "dip" could be surprised; curious or joyful. I seek whatever stops thought for a moment, letting the world to be perceived in another way.

During the past few years that my photographic work has changed from urban scenes to woods elements, representing a transfer from Milan, Italy to Corvallis, Oregon. I have also moved along the range from literal and representational to abstract, taking photographic components from circumstance and recombining them to something different and new. I am presently creating new job employing an iPhone camera and apps, enjoying the experience of experimenting with a new process and seeing what possibilities seem. My iPhone function conveys a different contemplative style that has received recognition in the US and internationally.

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