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I've had life experiences as a teacher and student who've been both difficult and rewarding. My writing has been, naturally, influenced by these life experiences. In this “Writer Page” I will share with prospective readers some of the aspects which have affected me as a writer.

My undergraduate major at the University of California at Santa Barbara was in British literature. I loved the poetry, the plays, the essays, the epics—all the way back to Beowulf. My plan was to complete my mentor’so degree, and my California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, so I could talk about my love of literature with teens in the USA.

I did pursue that program for a small while. But love and life caused a change in route, and I found myself living in Uijeongbu, South Korea, as the wife of a US Army serviceman. What an incredible year! I had researched both Latin American and Spanish as a secondary school student, and had even taken college-level Spanish courses, but I#x2019;d never before been immersed in another culture or language for an extended period of time.

What a great blessing that life required me to Uijeongbu! It was amazing. I came in June, and the room I rented looked out over the rice paddies, across the village, and on into the hills beyond. I was quite fortunate to discover a project with St. Louis High School Korea, teaching remedial reading classes to US infantry soldiers, whose reading abilities were so reduced that they interfered with the guys’s capacity to complete their high school diplomas online duty.

As autumn arrived, the rice areas turned gold and then brown. My neighbors banded together to harvest the rice the weather turned chilly overnight, and using the rice fields denuded the rats moved to the roof of my rented area. The Korean winter gave me a new understanding of the saying “so chilly. ” I had been grateful to

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