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Since high school, Kathryn’s goal has been to become a published author. She chased that dream, analyzing below Rita Gallagher (co-founder of Romance Writers of America) to find out the business and her craft. She finally obtained representation by an extremely respected NY agent. Unfortunately, getting a traditionally published author was not from the stars.

Her composing languished for several years. The rejected manuscripts are not any more qualified for entry to any NY publishing house because after refused, and they can't be submitted again. They sat on the shelf failed, covered in dust bunnies and cobwebs while she focused on her professional career of accounting and office management. Accounting wasn’t a subject she loved, but she was great at it.

Subsequently in 2011, life demonstrated to Kathryn that nothing is guaranteed when she dropped that sensible job of accounting (as well as over thirty decades of experience) and in exactly the exact same month that her husband was also laid off from his job. Both of them suddenly and unexpectedly from work, they struggled to pay the invoices.

A buddy of Kathryn’s suggested she take a different look in her writing. Having nothing left to shed, she pulled up Amazon’s KDP contract and took a hard look at it. The manuscripts moldering on the plate would never move everywhere (yet somehow they had lived two hurricanes). She determined that if they can collect dust on the shelf they could collect dust on Amazon only too. Perhaps, just perhaps, they could make enough in a month for gas money to drive to job interviews.

Kathryn jumped into separate publishing together with both feet in the end of 2012. Because of her past experience, she understood how to advertise a loss lead, and recognized the value of marketing. Back in January 2013, to her shock, 1 publication, Mist Warrior, gained more than she made working the workplace accounting job in one month.

Subsequently the other publications Began to m

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