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Coming Shortly, in 2016! Earlier Mattel: Elliot Handler's ELZAC OF HOLLYWOOD Jewelry, by Kathy Flood.

Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Elzac's heritage with a huge panoply of the provider's jewelry and giftware, including the best collections, catalogue items, infrequent sketchbook and a lot of photos, plus everything you didn't know about a few of the terrific American small business start-ups -- along with its own heart-breaking passing. Order pay.
A brief bio: Kathy Flood: M.A. journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia; B.A. French. Author of eight books including Matters (You can not take them with you but they're fun while you're here), a compilation of readers' favourite newspaper columns; Costume Jewelry Figurals; Warman's antiques 4th version; antiques Field Guide 2nd edition; the Face Book of Vintage Visages (figural brooches); two novels covering holiday hooks (contact her at if you wish to chat.)

Below are simply a few unsolicited reviews from actual people on the latest holiday jewelry book:

"There are SO many things that I love about the novel! Just for starters:
Love collection photo of signatures. Showing copycats alongside originals. Surprised to see so many trees I not only do not have but that I've never SEEN!! Exciting!! Descriptions of designers and companies are the finest I've seen in ANY jewelry book ... This is undoubtedly the finest Christmas tree pin publication EVER DONE."

"The newest book is just wonderful! I am loving, loving, loving it! So filled with information and beautiful pictures. Thank you!"

"I'm enjoying the book a lot. I love to read everything, so it will take me a while to get through it, and that is a good thing... it's a wonderful novel, as always ... You will find so many companies I've not even heard of, it is such fun to obtain an education. Entertaining, fun, fun!"

"The book is terrific. Still plowing through

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