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Three years ago, my husband Brian (pictured above) was upward for a big advertising when he had been hit with a horrible flu that within days landed him at the hospital using life-threatening pneumonia. As the primary breadwinner for our family of six, his bills and absence from work struck us hard financially.

While he was recovering, I started scheming ways we could save money. I'd always followed shop promotions and casually clipped coupons, but it wasn't a "lifestyle," per se. One day in between trips to the hospital, so I rushed to buy juice. I discovered a bottle of cranberry that has been that I happened to get a coupon for. The coupon gave me a buck off that new, so guess what is . That's when the light bulb went off - What if I applied this shopping strategy? From this day on, I began challenging myself to search at no cost.

Now, we look like we have it all. We reside in a 3,000 square-foot house on nearly 3 acres of property in a wealthy community. My husband and I even drive vehicles that we paid for in cash. My kids and I use clothing. Our oldest is in school and we don't have any credit card debt. What is more, my spouse and I never fight about money. How many married couples could say that?

The fact remains that my husband never got his promotion; he earns $45,000 annually. And yet, to take a walk through our home and sit down at our dinner table, you would never know that "on paper," we're deemed low-income. For significantly less we now live a life of abundance because I have discovered the key to getting more of what we need. And guess what? You can learn how to shop at no cost and have it all.

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