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Although Kathy Wise a city woman for nearly all of her centuries, she's always had a strong love for animals. After she was a teen, her family moved into a rural area in the thumb region of Michigan. She fell in love with country living. Kathy credits her mom, who is also an artist, for the interest in art. As a youngster, she busily sculpted creatures from soap and after wood while her mother painted people and landscapes.

High school and college art courses frees her interest in art and sculpture. A ceramics course in school where she added sculpted clay animal figures to her pots led to the production of many other animal possessions. Students were soon requesting Kathy to make animals for them. Kathy graduated with Magna Cum Laude with an Associates Degree in Commercial Art.

Kathy's first animals were sculpted out of low-fire ceramic clay. She started selling her sculptures at art fairs and exhibits. She created every breed of puppy and many popular animals, all one-of-a-king originals. She worked out of her parent's home, together with her mother working along side of her painting the glazes on each figure. Immediately shop owners were requesting Kathy to sell her beautiful animal characters. Soon she was supplying over 70 stores such as the Mole Hole, a nation wide chain of collectible gift stores.

In 1983, Gene Freedman (then President of Enesco Corp.) first observed Kathy's work in a Seattle gift store. This man who found Precious Seconds saw possible in Kathy's art and contacted her to begin the first of her most lines from the giftware industry. She has gone on to design animal figures and giftware for many different companies such as , Westland, United Design, along with Encore Group. Over the years, Kathy has designed and sculpted over 1 million unique things in more than forty lines that have been Bronze Burrosold worldwide.

In the early 90's, '' Kathy sculpted realistic

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