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Hi I’m Katie Anderson! Since I was 18, the era that I first visited India, I have been studying yoga. I'd decided to do a couple of months before starting college, the trip included a month & #x 2019 travelling;s stay in India. Whilst there I met many yogis and has been encouraged to spend some time with them. I didn’t expect my sessions together to change my outlook on life. They enabled me to find my true passion in spirituality, yoga and life . It had a powerful effect on me that in the start of 2005 I made a decision to go back to India to train my yoga and create my own spirituality. 12 years after that first visit to India I am still going strong with my yoga. I spend my time attempting to spread the brilliance of yoga for #x 2019 & many individuals, and have my own studio;s lives as you can.

Outside of my true passion I invest the majority of my time reading, writing, hiking and travelling. The yogic method of life is the inspiration behind my way of life but absorb and I try to encounter as much as I could from the cultures of the planet.

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