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Kathleen McClure began adulting as an actor and fight choreographer in nyc, where she functioned as a occasional stunt participant on different daytime dramas, as well as playing with Rosalind in "As You Like it," around the maybe the tiniest stage known to theatre-kind. She staged the violence for an independent movie starring a certain actor who now has a part at a television program that was scandalous.

She's since repurposed all that theatrical experience into writing wealthy characters in crazy circumstances, generally from today's science fiction and genre. Kathleen's solo books, in addition to those composed with spouses Kelley McKinnon and L. Gene Brown, lean towards rapid experiences with a healthy dollop of humor, however she will occasionally dive into shorter functions, such as the flash-fiction pieces collected in Ghosts in the Graveyard.

Kathleen lives in Austin, TX with her husband, and 2 teens, three cats and a flock of rainbow flamingos in the front yard.

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