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Owner of - this is where you'll find my web design services, technology training, website, podcast and publications.

I also own/moderate - a distance for mothers to share their stories.

I understand biographies should be composed in the third person, but that simply doesn't f*cking function for me. This is me. No reason to pretend. I have done a great deal of weird/funny/questionable shit in my own years on Earth, therefore I will try real hard to put it into a nut shell.

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I transferred from the home once I was 16 due to this fact that my mother is mentally ill and fairly shaky. My dad is not, mercifully, also is a warm cuddly trucker who has been around for me.

You would think with my unconventional childhood, I wouldn't have been super "main stream", although I was for several years - mostly just trying to stabilize my fact and do everything I believed I was "supposed" to perform. I discovered a wonderful guy, got married, bought a tiny condo and started a cushy 9-5 office job.

That lasted a Couple of years before BAM! I had a very powerful dream that motivated me to google "arrival" and everything related to it. I understood nothing about arrival and had absolutely no interest in the subject, into this extreme of not even wanting kids. The whole thing looked like a dreadful, damn pain movie I desired nothing more to do with (thanks T.V, films and media generally!)

Soon after the dream, I awakened to birth work professionally employed as a doula, childbirth educator and placenta crafter. I put in touch at my corporate job and also all elements of my mainstream life continued to crumble. If I was this duped about arrival - what else did not I know?

As it turns out - many matters.

I started searching for "the truth", which I am positive will go on forever, but

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