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Katie Smith Milway, winner of this 2009 Massachusetts Best Novel for Children Award and 2009 Children's Africana Book Award, for One Hen: How One Little Loan Made a Difference, is based on a quest to bring world issues to elementary and middle school kids. 1 Hen, place in Ghana introduces kids to microfinance and also the ability of social entrepreneurship and gave rise to a program - One Hen Academy ( - used by teachers around the globe to educate youth entrepreneurship and giving back.

Her 2010 book, The great Garden: The Way Family Went from Hunger to Getting Enough, is set from the Honduran hillsides and introduces children to the concept of food safety and how each of us, in any age, may fight global hunger ( Her 2012 book, Mimi's Village and How Fundamental Health Care Transformed It, place in Kenya, joins kids' activities for global health to results in Africa ( And her novel, The Banana-Leaf Ball the World May Change, reveals the value of sport and play for social and emotional learning at a refugee camp in Tanzania - and on any park where kids might feel excluded or unwelcome.

Katie is also a pioneer in Boston with nonprofit and philanthropy adviser The Bridgespan Group. She was a delegate to the 1992 Earth Summit, has coordinated community development programs in Africa and Latin America to get Food and has served on the board of World Vision US. She's written several adult novels on sustainable development, for instance, Human Genome: A Narrative of Changing Lives and Changing Lands (Kumarian Press, 1994), which documented the work of sustainable agriculture leader Don Elias Sanchez (role model for Your great Garden's instructor).

Ahead of Bridgespan, Katie served as editorial director and founding writer in Bain & Co.. A graduate of Stanford University, Brussels' Free University

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