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Hello! My name is Kay Brody!

I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember but I've only recently managed to quit my day job to write full time and I have Amazon to thank for that! Before I found Amazon Publishing, I was writing for myself (along with the few friends & loved ones that were interested!) And never believed it would be different. Now I have to live my dream and, so far, it's been amazing!

While I adore cooking (& eating!!!) , songs, videos & travel, my true loves are writing & reading. I am a hopeless romantic and also a fan of laughing until my face hurts and my writing is true to those pursuits: I write romance, sometimes with a bit suspense or comedy, often with a dash of naughtiness. And my choice reading is appropriate along those exact lines.

Please read my books! You can start with my FREE "Starter Library" by signing up for my newsletter in Then please drop me a line to let me know what you think!

Until I hear from you I'll be right here...Writing, Writing, Writing!!!

Thanks for your service and I appreciate you taking the opportunity to learn more about me!

Here's to our future,


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