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Kae Hammond grew up in Burbank, California, and with her sister, Beverly, has been cared for by her very busy, outgoing and friendly buddy, Shirley and Mike.

Theirs has been a typical, somewhat dysfunctional American family of the 1950’s. After high school, Kae attended California State University Northridge, where she received her BA degree in Business and Journalism. Immediately after graduation, she had been recruited by NBC Television along with the Walt Disney Company to be one of six publicists to get a joint venture flying show that ultimately took her across the USA for over two decades. She later worked in public relations for its Chicago division of J. Walter Thompson.

In 1983, Kae returned to Los Angeles to lead a household partnership as Managing Director of two Hallmark mega-stores. Recognized for the retail and management acumen, she was subsequently invited to serve on the Hallmark Gold Crown Advisory Board for many years and also became a very active and contributing member of this Crown MAC Board of Directors.

By 2008, she was thrust into the emotionally, emotionally and physically challenging role of caregiver to both her parents simultaneously. Kae’s father passed away in December of 2008 and her mother is currently living in a private residential care home. Because the direct result of the experiences with her parents as well as the otherworldly challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and family caregiving, Kae based Dementia Aid Center, where she serves as Executive Director.

Dementia Help Center’s assignment is to satisfy a vastly underserved and rapidly growing world of family professionals. The middle’s purpose is to meet family caregiver needs for top quality advice and resources on Alzheimer’s Dementia-Related Diseases, causing customers to live spiritually, mentally, physically and fiscally. Ka

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