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Kate Cullen lives on the magnificent Sunshine Coast in Australia. She lives with her PlayStation addicted boy, her Mine craft addicted daughter, her football hooked husband and a white fluffy thing named Lucy who is the subject of some of her novels.

Kate comes with a background in teaching and nursing but her main passions are acting and writing.

As mad as it sounds, Kate was inspired by her kids ' love of pc gaming to write humorous books for middle grade kids in a bid to gently tempt them away in their games consoles, and influence them light, humorous, and sometimes wacky novels that feature just enough elements of the gambling trend to keep them interested.

Judging by a few of her testimonials below, her goal was achieved because more and more children who love gaming are fostering a new found love of reading also. Keep an Eye out on Boys 2 for Game soon!

"5.0 out of 5 stars It was awesome April 26, 2015
It really spoke to me, I can not tell you exactly how many video games ozone on my Xbox, wifi un, along with wifi. It was a very good book and I hope a moment comes out, I really like these sort of novels, 'journal of a wickedly cool stunt' and 'match on boys'. It's really awesome when folks make amusement for others as a hobby this publication was just plain awesome, 5 star"

"5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!!! March 10, 2015
only the thought of this Is awesome. It actually gets you. It's definitely a book to read. Totally one of the best novels I see on kindle. To be fair that this is practically my favorite book"

"Wonderful March 26, 2015
Make a movie it would be epic if you have not read this novel its great for kids under 11 and might even be good to get 11 - 8 its own finest children book I've ever read"

"5.0 out of 5 stars My child loved this 1 Mar. 201

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