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Twenty years back I got my very first Labrador Retriever--and was overwhelmed with his own energy and (what appeared to me at the time,) his own mischievousness. A couple of hours in to getting this 75 pound, 7 month old puppy, I began to question my sanity. Sasquatch, because he was known as, was nothing like any other puppy I had ever had in my home growing up, and he surely was not what I had anticipated. He appeared. I did not have the understanding or skill to work with him the way he needed me. As soon as I took him to my pet training class, he awakened the teacher's abilities and attracted us extreme disapproval of a number of the individual type members. Since that time I have devoted my entire life to studying the art of dogs. I have been delighted to earn AKC Senior Hunter and Master Hunter Titles along with Judges Awards of Merit in AKC Field Trials. Through my Company, Quick Pup Dog Training, I serve Washington State, Puget Sound, King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties as a dog trainer and pet training Support. I work very well helping people solve problems with their dogs, such as aggression. Teaching folks how to use a remote training collar (electronic collar training) is a specialty of mine. Do I use a shock collar? No. I utilize digital dog training collars to lightly communicate and encourage attention from puppies in addition to many different techniques. I have written the book "Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?" To discuss the many great things I have learned about living with and pet within the course of these years. Please enjoy, and make certain that you get in touch with me with any questions.

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