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Kay Marner is an independent writer and editor living in Ames, Iowa with her husband, Don, and their two kids. Aaron, age 14, is the biological son. They adopted Natalie in the orphanage in Russia. Marner writes primarily about special needs parentingand attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its common comorbid conditions, learning disabilities, and adoption. Marner co-edited Easy to Love however Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Children, Authentic Stories (DRT Press). She contributes regularly the very best book regarding ADHD and learning disabilities, to magazine. As’s ADHD parenting writer, Marner writes: “My Picture-Perfect Household: A blog about parenting a loveable, exhausting kid with ADHD” ( She also leads to two collaborative sites: “Easy to Love but Hard to Boost” ( and “a mom’s viewpoint of ADHD everyday lifestyle using our ADHD children"(, and guest sites for a variety of different sites. You may reach her at

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