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The South has a history of injustices. I know them well. I had been born and reared in lower Alabama. Our background is tainted with ugliness. But there’s an old saying that “nothing else has ever been sliced so thin that it doesn&;#x2019;t have two sides. &;#x201d; that I come from a long line of good, Christian church goers—and also from a line of backwoodsy, redneck moonshiners. The haves. Along with also the have-nots. My two grandmothers had very different views of life during the Depression years. Both have formed my entire life, and the seeds passed down have helped shape my novels. My mum was a town girl who in 1935 fell in love with the boy of a tenant farmer—a man who uttered precisely the very same stories countless times and yet I had never tired of hearing them. The seeds fell on fertile ground. They’t taken root and that I’m now seeing them spring forth in the lives of my characters. I hope you like these Southern Secrets.

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