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Kay Hadashi's first few books were thrillers and mysteries taking place in Los Angeles. When she sent her heroine, June Kato, to Hawaii for a vacation, something clicked and she started getting readers from all points around the planet. Fans new and old desired to find joy and love, so that's exactly what Kay did, find her guy. It wasn't long before June moved into the islands and also started a new life on Maui, finding love and finally starting a household. A new set of books began, providing a kinder, gentler life. Finally, a series of stories began, together with her daughter Melanie ready to begin her own experiences and grown up. What a reception from readers!

Many of the adventures in Kay's novels occur in actual settings on several Hawaiian Islands, in which she was born and raised. Together with her group of co-writers, proofreaders, and cover artists, Kay deeply appreciates creating stories. From murder mystery to romance, coming of age to army fiction, there is something for everyone in the books of Kay Hadashi!

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