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Kengro products result in brief and long-term economic and ecological advantages on your hydrocarbon spill management application. Its absorbing features let it compete with all absorbents and lead the field in organic sorbents. Enhanced bioremediation is promoted by the natural micro-organisms that are occurring.

Environmentally Sound

With concern raised over the surroundings, the laws are becoming more rigorous each year. Kengro products Deliver NATURAL BIOREMEDIATION and ABSORBENT SOLUTIONS. KenGro crops are developed with low input sustainable agriculture and satisfies executive order 13101 distinguishing our products. The Environmentally Friendly Option is provided by Kengro Products - Not harmful to the environment - No depletion of natural sources. The organic that is granular absorbent product accessible. Superior performance and 100% biodegradable. The cost alternative for clean up of hard or land, water surface spills as well as for restoring polluted sites that are efficient.

Product Highlights

  • 100 percent BIODEGRADABLE & ALL-NATURAL: annual renewable resource
  • NON-TOXIC: no negative impact on crops or animals
  • ULTRA-ABSORBENT: around 6 plus times its weight having exceptionally low leaching (less than 1%)
  • ENHANCES BIOREMEDIATION of oil hydrocarbons (native microbes)
  • LOWER DISPOSABLE COST: landfill might accept (disposal subject to federal and local regulations); incineration yields extremely low ash content (less than two %), respectively
  • NOT SOLUABLE IN WATER: hydrophobic, will float for long intervals for easy recovery of spills on water and helpful for filtration of liquid contaminants in water
  • WEIGHT/BULK DENSITY: 6-7 pounds per cubic foot

40 diffe can absorbs Kengro Products

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